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(October 2020)
nu.te is a rabbit retail online shop in Taiwan. The owner has a twins rabbit, whose name is nunu and tete. The only different between them is nunu has a blue eye and tete has a gray love shape on her bottom. The  brand identity is toward  to  illustrated style which combine the original  shape of the rabbit, nunu’s blue eye and love shape. The blue color represnts peace, steable and hope and the gray represents elegant, gentle and moderate which bring up the main concept of nu.te  “ Rabbits will always be in the first postion. Nurturing, going green and zoophilic are our miision.” 
以兔子用品店為主的新創品牌, 創辦人有一對同卵雙胞的兔子,唯一的不同特特有一隻湛藍色的眼睛和努努的愛心毛胎記,兔子為第一優先,養育觀念、照顧、環境保育則是品牌的使命


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